Hiya Taihou” Massive Beaker Bong With UFO Perc
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Hiya Taihou” Massive Beaker Bong With UFO Perc

$220.00 $175.00

Type: Glass bongs

  • 18.5″ Height
  • 4.5″ 18mm To 14mm Downstem
  • Female Joint
  • 14mm Male Bowl
  • 5.5″ Base
  • UFO Percolator
  • Ice catcher

Rip massive clouds from a massive pipe. Ronin Glass exclusively crafts hefty glass like the New Jersey hard-hitters they are. At 18.5” tall, this beaker bong features a 4.5” 18mm-to-14mm downstem. “Hiya Taihou” translates to “fire arrow cannon” like an old samurai rocket launcher. A UFO perc takes this piece to Sensei levels – you’ll be executing perfect rips that’ll blow your pals away. The thick flared mouthpiece gives you complete control as firepower flows from the 14mm female joint. A useful splashguard protects your lips from these explosive rips by blocking any upshot bong water. Toss in some ice cubes to reach peak performance with this epic silhouette. Crisp Ronin Glass decals guarantee authenticity of the brand’s high-end quality craftsmanship. To keep your percs clean and pipe looking fresh, pair it with a 45-degree ash catcher! This cloud-making weapon will be giving you clean-cut puffs for many years to come.

Features of this Bong

This piece features a standard 14mm joint, suitable for all 14mm accessories. Use this measurement to match pipes with the best slides, nails, domes, ash catchers, and pre-coolers.
This piece features a 45° joint. Choose ash catchers, pre-coolers, and other accessories made at the same angle as your water pipe.
This piece features a female joint. Pair it with a male accessory of the the same diameter for a soulmate match. Use an adapter to attach a female accessory to this piece.
This water pipe features a beaker base. The scientific silhouette maximizes the surface area of the water for more filtration power. Beakers also tend to be more stable and less likely to topple over because of the wide flat base.
That bowl with “Boo” on it where you put all of your thick juicy steaks. Okay, fine. This pipe features a deep-set spoon to hold a large amount of ground material. That means lots of rips before needing to reload.
The dog days of summer demand an ice catcher. Ice catchers let you add ice to the water pipe. Ice creates a soothing, cooling effect with every inhale.
My human just loves the flavor of my morning kisses, but he certainly can’t stand the taste of bongwater splashback. Splashguards are a luxurious finishing touch that protects your tastebuds from unwanted splashback.
I thought I saw a UFO once. It was just a frisbee flying too close to the sun. Shaped like the intergalactic vehicle, this popular perc diffuses and prevents splashback in a dome design.


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