Grav Labs Android Flare Water Pipe 8
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Grav Labs Android Flare Water Pipe 8

$299.99 $219.99

– Thick glass

– Domeless Quartz Nail

– Height: 10.”

– Base Width: 4”

– Inline Percolator

– Branded clear glass (Scientific)

– Grav Labs quartz bowl

– 60 x 5 mm Borosilicate



These Austin-based glass masters are paving the way in dual function design. At 8 inches tall, this Android water pipe seamlessly fuses the efficient engineering that brings concentrates to peak performance with glass design that makes dry herbs delight. Scientific borosilicate craftsmanship brings durability to the multi-function bong and rig, with separate diffusion chambers, mouthpieces, and accessories for each material. This piece is the perfect option for those who don’t care to commit to just one method, and don’t want to clutter the home with too many pipes. Instead, trade two pipes for one impressively effective Android! Waxy extract fans will appreciate the inclusion of a quality quartz domeless nail for clean, flavorful inhales. Dry herbs are filtered through a fitted inline perc that’s complemented by a splashguard for flawless draws. Both joints measure 14 millimeters. The Android pipe has also gained popularity as date night fun, allowing you both to pull at the same time, like Lady and the Tramp leaning in over a bowl of spaghetti!


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