Cavi Cone Marijuana Pre Rolls

Cavi Cone Marijuana Pre Rolls


The strongest pre-rolled medicine in the world!

Caviar Gold is Top Shelf Bud infused with Co2 gold dust hash oil all the way to the center of the bud then dusted in kief for an amazing crystal coating!

55+% Delta 9 High CBD Co2 Cavi Oil

15+% Top Shelf Flowers

30+% High CBD Gold Kief

100% Caviar Gold

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Our Cavi Cone is the World’s Strongest Pre-roll – and we’re proud of it. For those who need a consistent and reliable product, the Cavi Cone is exactly what you need. The Cavi Cone is a pre-rolled cone that comes packaged in individual travel and storage tubes. Inside the perfectly-packed cone, you’ll find our signature Caviar Gold (a combination of the perfect bud, hash oil, and kief) as well as even more hash oil – making it *the* strongest pre-roll available.

Question: Are Cavi Cones right for me?
Answer: Yes! Whether you’re a busy patient that’s always on the go or you might have trouble rolling up your own medicinal marijuana; Cavi-Cones are perfect. You can also expect the same consistency of potency in every cone.

Question: What kind of flowers are in it?
Answer: Only grade “A” flowers are used. Always Lab tested to insure that there is no contaminants, fungus, mold, mildew or pesticides.

Question: Why do the flowers appear golden brown?
Answer: Our flowers are infused with co2 hash oil all the way through the stem, unlike the competitors which just dip outside the nug in oil.

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15 AppleBerry Cavi Cones, 15 Grape Cavi Cones, 15 Original Cavi Cones, 15 RaspBerry Cavi Cones, 15 StrawBerry Cavi Cones, 15 Vanilla Cavi Cones


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