Bluebird Botanicals: Classic Hemp 6x (1500mg CBD)

Bluebird Botanicals: Classic Hemp 6x (1500mg CBD)


CBD Silver is an extra concentrated CBD oil. In comparison to our standard CBD oil blends which have 250mg of

cannabidiol (CBD) per fluid ounce, CBD Silver contains 1,500mg CBD per fluid ounce, 6x the standard


What is Bluebird Botanicals: Classic Hemp 6x?

Supercharge your CBD experience with CBD 6x, the brand-new, ultra-strong CBD oil that’s SIX TIMES stronger than conventional CBD oils!

Enjoy concentrated CBD goodness and the whole range of wellness benefits associated with CBD with each powerful drop from Bluebird Botanicals’ Classic Hemp 6x.

Why Choose Bluebird Botanicals: Classic Hemp 6x?

Do you love CBD’s benefits on your body? Do you need a way to consume high concentrations of CBD without excessive swallowing or eating? Are you looking for a premium CBD product from one of the most trusted companies in the industry?

Then the Bluebird Botanicals Classic Hemp 6x is the naturally superior choice among high-potency CBD oils. With a whooping concentration of 1,500mg CBD per fluid ounce, this product has 6x the concentration of the regular Bluebird Botanicals CBD oil.

Created specifically for people with difficulty swallowing or eating in general, this fantastic CBD oil presents one of the easiest ways to consume high quantities of CBD easily and conveniently.

CBD has been proven time and again through numerous scientific studies to be an effective relaxation agent, perfect after a long and hard day.

CBD is an all-natural cannabinoid with NO known side-effects and no psychoactive properties. This makes it safe to consume at any concentrations.

As all Bluebird Botanical CBD products are sourced from industrial hemp that’s naturally high in CBD while only containing traces of THC, the end product is also extremely rich in CBD and other beneficial non-psychotropic cannabinoids such as CBC and CBG (check ingredients below), while having almost zero THC. As the 6x Oil is further concentrated, a single ml (about 20 drops) contains AT LEAST 50mg of CBD!

Bluebird Botanicals Classic Hemp 6x is legal to purchase and use in the US and worldwide without a doctor’s prescription and with no worries about unwanted highs and problems with drug tests.

This delectable CBD oil tincture comes with a precision dropper so you can adjust your serving size and find the amount of CBD your metabolism needs to enjoy the best benefits. You can safely combine the CBD 6x with any other cannabidiol product to fine-tune your daily serving size and open up new and exciting ways to easily get the cannabidiol you need in your system!

6x the typical CBD concentration!
Easily combined with other CBD products
All-natural, vegan, kosher and gluten-free

How to use Bluebird Botanicals: Classic Hemp 6x…

Bluebird Botanicals Classic Hemp 6x is easy to use. Typical servings range from 10 drops (25mg CBD) to 20 drops (50mg CBD) for the average body weight and metabolism. However, the amount people might need to take on a daily basis varies greatly and we encourage you to experiment to find your perfect serving size since there is no risk of overdosing.

Drop your desired serving size directly under your tongue, keep it there for 90 seconds and then swallow. Alternatively, mix this ultra-strong CBD oil with your favorite beverage and enjoy concentrated CBD benefits with each sip. You can take the CBD 6x day or night, preferably after or during the course of a meal.

For best results, we recommend consistent use over the course of two weeks so your metabolism adjusts properly to CBD’s beneficial effects.

If you are suffering from a chronic health problem, or if you are pregnant or lactating, seek advice from your doctors before introducing the Bluebird Botanicals Classic Hemp 6x in your in diet.

Store in a cool, dark place to maintain freshness. Shake well before using.

Shelf life is approximately two years.


1 fluid ounce of CBD 6x contains 1500mg of CBD,  63.9mg of cannabichromene (CBC), 42.6mg cannabidiolic acid (CBD-A), 38.1mg of cannabigerol (CBG), and 4.5mg of cannabinol (CBN), on top of dozens of other naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes.



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