Bee Hive Dual Use Straight Tube Water Pipe
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Bee Hive Dual Use Straight Tube Water Pipe

$429.95 $290.99

Joint: 14mm female

Height: 11 inches

Empire Glassworks Bong

5mm Thick Glass

Bee Hive Theme

Beehive Inside the Chamber

Includes Matching 14mm Male Bowl

Includes Honey Accents and Glass Bees

Base Width: 5″

American Glass


This worked glass water pipe has a myriad of features all of which ensure that it’s not lacking in either visuals or function. From the black flared mouthpiece to the sturdy black glass lipped base, this bong is sprinkled with amber colored wax drops as well as mini glass bees. To continue this bee hive theme, there is a honey soaked beehive inside the chamber sitting on top of a honeycomb perc. The honeycomb perc allows smoke to flow fluidly from the 90˚ 14mm female joint, through the main chambers, and then finally out through the straight neck. By the time the smoke hits your mouth, it is clean and smooth. For added reinforcement, this water pipe has a black glass Dewar’s Joint.

This 5mm thick glass bong is made by Empire Glassworks in Placentia, California. It includes a matching honeypot 14mm male bowl


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