Banana Candy Cheese Bottle

Banana Candy Cheese Bottle


  • Borosilicate Glass
  • 14.5mm Female; Reinforced Worked Ground Joint
  • 14.5mm Male; High Tech Bowl Piece
  • Faberge Style Cheese Bottle
  • Candy Embellishments
  • Candy Dabber Included

Height: 13.25″  Base diameter: 4.0″  Weight: 866 Grams


Emperial Glass X High Tech Glass

The Banana Candy Cheese Bottle is a collaboration piece designed and blown by the artists over at Imperial Glass and High Tech Glass.  This piece not only looks incredibly sweet, it’s function is delicious as well!  Designed with a 3-hole diffuser for a solid drag, this cheese bottle is quite the chugger. The multiple holes that give this water pipe it’s “cheese” name also helps diffuse the smoke as it rises through the bottle, allowing for extra filtration for a smoother experience.

This Banana Candy Cheese Bottle will include a matching lollipop dabber for concentrated options.  Lavishly sweet and impeccably neat.


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