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Choose products from our Online Shop. Once you locate a product, then you’ll have to add to cart. There’s a unit button before the add to cart sign. There you can select how many units of the product you want (1,2,3 oz , grams or pounds whatever the case may be.)


Once you add to cart, a summary of the products in you cart will appear at the top of the page (not in the Header).


If you’re not OK with what’s in your cart, you can either add or delete some items by going back to the product page or to where you’ll find the units if you want to reduce. But if you’re OK with what’s in your cart, then you can click on the “view cart” sign by the right of the cart summary.

The view cart page shows you a more detailed summary of your order. This is to make sure what you want is what you’re ordering. On this page you can increase the units of each product, reduce or even delete a product from the cart. Here you can also apply a coupon of you got any. If it’s your first order, then use (QPCBE2018) to get a 10% discount order above ($1500). If you use this, make sure you click on the apply coupon sign before proceeding to checkout.

ATTENTION!!: The minimum order is $1750 (USD). The amount will be converted to buyer’s home currency manually after order is placed (International)

If everything is OK with your order then you can proceed to checkout.


Once you proceed to checkout, you have to pay extra attention because if you provide the wrong information, it could lead to disaster on the delivery of your package which may be very inconvenient to us or you as well.

On the checkout page, you have to feel all the necessary information carefully and select a payment option. Once that is done, you have to agree to our terms and conditions by ticking the box in the bottom left corner.



Once that has been ticked, click on the “PLACE ORDER” button in the bottom right section of the page and shortly after, you’ll receive an automated message from us showing your order number and other details regarding your order.


Once you’re order is confirmed, we’ll package, register and send you the tracking information via email. This usually takes between 1 to 5 hours depending on the time of the day when the payment was received.

We hope you have a good experience with us and bring us new clients as well.